Sunday, December 26, 2010

Santa Sacks

Whilst on summer holidays from University, text book piles have been replaced with fabric and sewing tools. January 2010 I came across some Santa panels in a post-Christmas sale and bought loads of the stuff with great intentions. However, I was back on campus by the end of January and sadly, the sewing was put away for several monthes. I came accross a bag of purchases a few weeks ago, turns out that I had also bought other treasures that same day, including fabric to make my daughters kindergarten chair-bag. Sorry sweet girl, perhaps Mumma will make it for you ready for 1st class in 2011?
A few metres of red fabric as well, should get 3 good sized sacks out of this lot.
I can't believe how much easier it is to cut when you have a few little tools!
My confidence grows with each panel, as I have been day dreaming about really getting into quilting
and my sewing is suprisingly neat and straight!
Viola! Bigger than I had anticipated, however, Santa managed to stuff a few toys AND a boogie board into each!
I am sewing again, and I am happy. Most of all, I love that my three little ones have their very own Santa sack each, lovingly created by their Mumma's hands. I love you my little chickens, Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I have recently discovered the world of blogs and I am fast becoming addicted. I love the nurturing and supportive environment created by the Mothers who are writing the blogs that I am drawn to read. I have been turning to the net for inspiration mostly for my sewing interests, where I discovered some amazing women who were sharing so much of their talents via their blogs. I am hooked, and so very inspired by them, and have decided to put myself out there with my very own, in the hope to continue to learn and grow.

Me... I am married with three darling young children, and I am trying to push through my University degree at a pace that suits. In recent years I have rediscovered my childhood loves of sewing, knitting, crochet and needlework. They are a bit of a closet obsession, okay, so I am not super talented in any of these arts, BUT I LOVE THEM! There is such solace that can be found in those quiet moments of creation. A meditation of sorts, time to clear and refresh the mind.

My other obsessions are gardening (I try my best in spurts of green-thumbed-ness), taking photos (I take too many), cookbooks and cooking magazines (sometimes I LOVE to cook, other times, well I need inspiring.) In actual fact I don't spend an awful lot of time doing any of these, but I like to dream...