Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I had an interview today! An interview for a position as a Registered Nurse.

 This is my second and final interview in applying for a new graduate nurse program for 2012. I can't tell you how exciting it is to be sitting interviews after working my butt off for the last four and a half years at Uni... after the sacrifices made by my family to allow me to study.
I am so excited to be near the end, I have two exams to survive (and pass!) before I can say I have finished my Bachelor of Nursing degree! I am striving toward a career in Intensive Care / Critical Care, and was lucky enough to spend 3 weeks in an ICU during my last prac. I would love to write about my nursing journey, but I am not comfortable sharing stories that are not mine to share. Maybe I will find a way to write from my own experience without compromising my patients. It really is such a privilege to care for people as a nurse, I just love my chosen path, and I LOVE my young family for taking this in their stride. There really is no perfect time to chase a dream, you just have to decide that NOW is the time, and ROLL with it! Yahoo!
I am also thankful to my favourite blogs, who I have read just about every other day, giving me welcome distraction from the study, and reminding me of what lays ahead at the end of all the hard work.


  1. Congratulations on almost being there!!! Yay you. I love that you are so passionate about this and it's so true what you said about the right time to chase your dreams. All the best with those two last exams :) Cazxx


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