Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our precious bundle of fluff...

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I am greatful for new beginnings and life lessons.
 We love animals, and we have quite the menagerie living with us. Several months ago, we lost our beloved cat to her 2nd paralysis tick in a month. She barely survived the 1st tick, (and my husband was just getting over the bill from that episode!) We use a vet-recommended tick treatment, but this tick season was sooooo bad because of the very wet summer... and apparently cats can be notoriously good at removing/reducing tick treatments with their incessant self-grooming. We had gone away for a few days camping, and friends from the nearby police station were calling by to feed her daily, only one morning she was found all-but-dead, completley paralysed, tongue protruding, and showing signs of respiratory distress. This makes me so sad. She was all alone, for however many hours, even if we were home, I am can't be sure we would have noticed in time, as she would be absent for hours, curled up in the police station back rooms where she was always welcomed and fed. Our friend rushed her to the vets and she was put down. We didn't tell our children until we came home, and we said our goodbyes together.
My daughter was devastated! She begged us to adopt a new cat, but we let it go.... until we saw this little face!
Everyone is in love with her, she owns the house, uses her litter, eats so much, plays for hours and climbs everything!
Charlotte was raised around little children, and when one of my 3 little ones pick her up, she goes soft and limp and snuggly which is just lovely! Happy days!
I think she is darling.


  1. She's a gorgeous new beginning! I love her name.

    It's so lovely to see a new face and yes, you did everything 'right'. x

  2. Very cute. (Love the quilt in your header) Charmaine

  3. Pets are such a big part of family life. I know I'd be lost without them. Your new addition looks gorgeous!

  4. Thankyou Maxabella! x
    Charmaine, you are so kind, thankyou... that quilt was my 1st!~
    Naomi, thankyou! She feels so right here in our home x


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