Friday, February 18, 2011

Butterfly Beauty

Latley, the kids and I have become quite obsessed with our butterfly vine out the back. We pass under it each time we go out in the car, walking slowly with our heads turned to the sky. We find caterpillars muching away, and new chrysali pop up every day.

We check to see how many have vacated and flown away, and we have even been lucky enough to stumble across a beauty emerging from the chrysalis.

I would love to know more about who is who in the zoo... do you know what any of these beauties are called?

Aren't they gorgeous! I could sit and watch butterflies all day...


  1. What fabulous photos!! New follower - looking forward to seeing how your blog grows :)

  2. HI! I just popped over to your place... nice to meet you! Thankyou for your kind words too. I am addicted to blogs now, just finding the time to write my own is the hurdle, reading others always comes 1st haha!

  3. Wow....that would be so neat to see happen. My son would find it very exciting. We will have to wait for a mountain of snow to melt here first:)

  4. sweet post. Those chrysalis' are just gorgeous hanging there like little jewels. How lovely you get to see them daily. Thanks for popping by my blog. x

  5. Hi! can you send me your email with your home address as you won my Seven Cherubs 'Mummy' giveaway! congrats. naomi x

  6. I just showed my little girl your butterfly pictures and we were very excited to see those lovely golden chrysalis! Beautiful!


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