Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So, I have attempted many postings over the last few weeks, but they have all been waaaay to negative for my 'happy place' blog. I am back at Uni for my FINAL year, and things have been crazy hectic. I am a frazzled, stressed, anxious ball of a mother, who is trying my very hardest not to raise my voice or throw a cranky glance at my darlings when they do the slightest irritating thing, like forget where they left their shoes.

Oh.... the Mummy guilt, it is crippling me at the moment. There are two forces at war inside of me, the Mumma who wants to be the best Mumma I can be, providing a warm and safe and calm, loving environment for my darlings, and then there's the Mumma who's been around alot longer, before three darlings arrived, the one who has her own dreams and goals, and who has worked damn hard at them. So, here I am, only a few monthes from realising a very big, lifelong dream, to become a Registered Nurse... I should be on top of the world. But the guilt is winning out at the moment. And I have a MOUNTAIN of work to get through...

So.... here's some inspiration I went and found (on my beloved youtube!) just puts a little perspective back into my day. Thought I would share and spread some positivity!


  1. Oh my love, i think we have all felt that way but you know that realising your dream will make you a better mum and a GREAT role model.
    Big hugs to you, and best of luck on completing uni xox

  2. Finding that balance is tough work! I'm the same. When I'm working I worry about them and when I'm not I worry about me. But really - I think it's good kids learn women can be great mums and achieve other stuff too. I work part-time a few times a year (great job I have) and I love that they see both sides of life. Don't let the mother guilt overwhelm you - it's good when it points you in the right direction - but destructive if it's weighing you down. Yay on being nearly finished nursing. Well done you :)

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