Friday, January 7, 2011

I did it!

So, I am well chuffed with myself right now! I have finished fussing over the finished product, washing, tumble-drying, trimming and tidying, and running my fingers over the soft frays. I have never, ever completed a quilt, and I am so excited that I did it! Okay, so it's just a small baby quilt, and a rag quilt at that, but I made it! Would you like to see?
I have a new camera and I am trying to get the hang of all the functions, so the pictures are a bit average...
Cotton prints, bamboo batting, flannel-backing.
It is far from perfect, but you can't wipe the smile off my face. I made this! Also, I received an update today about the dear boy whom I made this for and he is growing stronger and stronger by the day. He is just amazing, and so are his parents! I can't wait to give this gift to them, and see this precious baby home in his Mumma's arms! xx


  1. Looks lovely, congratulations with the work & all the best getting back into study this year too. Love Posie

  2. Well done! It looks beautiful - I am sure your friends will treasure it. I am going to try my hand at a baby quilt soon, ordered some charm packs which my friend in NY is bring over with her (I can't get them here) so I may be knocking at your door for some advice! Bella xx

  3. What a beautiful idea and a beautiful quilt. I also have some friends going through a rough patch. Thanks for inspiring me to make something to show them that I am thinking of them.

  4. Best wishes to your friends and their little one. May your lovely handmade quilt be a keep sake for years to come.



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