Monday, March 26, 2012

My first real quilt.

Here we go. Clever new machine... check, some lovely charm square packs... check, white homespun... check, cotton batting... check, YouTube tutorials and Pinterest board inspiration... check! No reason not to get into my first real quilt really, so I bit the proverbial bullet and threw myself into it! Actually I made two at the same time, (because once I had pieced the first quilt top, I freaked a tiny bit about tackling sandwiching just yet and moved onto the second quilt top instead). I have a few charm packs in my stash by now, and the two I picked out first were Moda Terrain, by Kate Spain, and the gorgeous Moda Hideaway, by  Lauren and Jesse Jung.
                                                                    Images from Google

A sneak peak of the Hideaway quilt top, with homespun border in white.... so far all is good! Stay tuned!
Loving my new sewing machine!

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  1. Love the colors! Can't wait to see it when it's done!


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