Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Quilt for Ruby.

My baby girl Ruby will be eight years old next week. Shocking. My little girl... eight does sound very big! Ruby loves the quilts I have been working on, and has asked for a big one for her own bed. I was actually planning on making her one from the day I decided to get serious about learning to quilt properly... and finish a project! I actually began a quilt for her when she was a baby, it is ready to sew the blocks together and all, but I was a unsure how to proceed from that step, so I packed it away and forgot it!

Isn't it amazing how times have changed in the last eight years? With so many helpful and talented crafters, offering to share their skills via craft blogs, tutorials and YouTube clips, you really can self direct your own learning from the comfort of your own laptop! Maybe I will actually finish that original one too, as a spare snuggle quilt, or even just for the caravan! 
Ruby and I spent a lot of time drooling over colours and fabric ranges for her 'big girl quilt' as it has affectionately being referred to. I decided I wanted to go for Moda charm packs, as I love the range of colours and designs available and the fact that they are pre-cut is a big bonus! 

I just fell in love with Lily Ashbury's 'Summer House' range, the colours and designs are just gorgeous! 

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We ordered three charm packs, and one more Moda charm pack in white to bulk it out a little if needed. I hope to make this quilt large enough to have a generous overhang over the edge of the mattress as I think that looks much nicer. This is so much fun! Her birthday is looming so I had better get sewing! 

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