Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Play Mat

I've been toying with the idea of becoming brave with my machine and actually getting myself properly quilting. My Pinterest page is overflowing with inspiration, and I have collected many fabrics ready to go. My machine was very basic, a Bernina Bernette, (I have since updated... more on that later) and I wanted to experiment with sewing through layers of sandwiched fabric. I bought a walking foot and decided to make a play mat for a friend's bub. I purchased a panel of animal fabric, some backing and some cheap polyester batting and set to work.
End result was a very functional floor play mat for a little baby boy, soft and comfy... but I decided my machine was not up to the job for me and my further quilting endevours. It did the job sure, but it was a very basic 'beginners' machine which has seen me through the last 7 years, through making curtains, children's library and chair bags, altering countless items of clothing, and even creating some too.
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 I've been eyeing off some fine machines for quite a while, and the more I learned about them, the more I wished for something a little more, well, clever. Behold, the Brother Innovis NV200 Quilter's Edition, with 80 stitches, many, many bobbins and so many different feet, including all one needs for quilting.
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I figured that now I am working, (no longer a poor student) I could afford to splurge a little, and I was lucky enough to find this little beauty for a steal on eBay. Only used twice, purchased new by an older lady, who just found the computerised machine a bit beyond her. Only one bobbin had been wound, and it was like brand new! Yay!!! I can not get over the difference to sit at this machine and sew. It is just so lovely to use and I can't wait to get busy making some of the things I have pinned to my pinterest haha! 

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  1. What a great idea! This would be a great gift!!


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